Fairy Godmother Experience : Princessing it up for the Royal Ball

One of my favourite parts of the day was the Fairy Godmother Experience (DIY Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique) that we created for the girls at a local salon, Flhair, where three amazingly generous women wore Fairy Godmother costumes and dolled up our little princesses for their Royal Ball! 

The experience started with a glass of “Ella-gant Grace” Cocktail (Celebration Shloer with the below label) for the girls and “Fairy Godmother Fizz” (prosecco) for the adult princesses and Fairy Godmothers…


Choosing The Dress:

Because we wanted the entire experience to be a surprise, and we didn’t know which dress the girls would choose, we bought six different dresses, in different sizes, for each girl to choose ONE from on the day.  (All the spare dresses were returned to the store that next weekend, and aside from a few raised eyebrows, we were given no trouble at all!)  

Hair, Nails & Makeup:

A special “hair style” book was given to them to choose how they wanted to wear their hair

…and then it was time transform these gorgeous little girls into proper princesses!  

And we must not forget those Glass Slippers



And finally they’re all ready for the Royal Birthday Ball…

Like I did with the Royal Ball, all of the decorations were handmade and here are some up close pictures to satisfy your curiosity:

You can also check our my tulle post detailing many of the other tulle creations which also featured at the Boutique as well as at the Royal Ball!



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