A Magical Unicorn Cake

This was my first attempt at a beautiful unicorn cake despite a rather (*cough*) unusual topper! 

In an attempt to gain girls birthday unicorn cake flowersas much experience as possible with my cake decorating, I have started offering to decorate birthday cake after birthday cake for my daughter’s friends, which has been both challenging and a whole lot of fun!

I was very excited to undertake a double barrel chocolate sponge (with chocolate ganache (yummy!) unicorn cake for a long-time friend’s daughter’s 6th Birthday party and, despite some of the rather rude comments I received (you know who you are people), I felt the cake came out incredibly well!

In fairness, there seems to be a 50:50 split of adults who immediately notice (and chuckle to themselves – and others) over the rather unusually shaped unicorn horn I’ve added which, when I was creating it, I simply didn’t notice.  Actually, that’s a bit of a lie – this was my second attempt at a unicorn horn as the first attempt really did look phallic!  I thought I’d nailed it (no pun intended) with the second version and it wasn’t until I received a very late night e-mail from my mother and her partner (following the pictures I sent to them the night before the birthday party) about the “strangely swirled penis”/”tall, skinny dog poo” (take your pick, both comments were rather soul destroying at that hour!) that I realised what I’d really done!  LOL.  Leave it to your own mother to be heartbreakingly honest with you…

Anyways, I’m still rather proud of the cake, regardless of the jokes, and at the the end of the day, Eloise loved it and certainly had nothing negative to say about the (*uncomfortable cough*) horn. 


girls unicorn birthday cake flowers pastel colours and gold horn girls unicorn birthday cake flowers pastel colours and gold horn girls unicorn birthday cake flowers pastel colours and gold horn


(As it was also my first foray into the world of chocolate ganache, it was very very yummy!)

double barrel dark chocolate ganache cakedouble barrel dark chocolate ganache cake

Hope you enjoy!



  1. Kathy Ramsey says:

    I am just in awe of these cakes! Just beautiful…and I did not see what people may have said about the horn, it looks like a horn to me? Really just lovely flowers as well! Hreat work!

  2. Mia says:

    You are one talented lady – Such a beautiful cake, thank you for making it for Eloise! X

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