Cinderella Carriage Photobooth

Whilst researching (i.e. spending hours trawling through Pinterest) for cool ideas for this Cinderella Ball, I Cardboard Cinderella Carriage Photobooth Princess Partycame across the most amazing Cinderella Carriage Photobooths that various crafty individuals created for their little princesses, which I was absolutely amazed by!  I knew, however, that I was unlikely to be able to create some of the truly spectacular wooden structures I was in such awe of, and was so excited when I found a tutorial for a gorgeous cardboard creation by Tickled by the Creative Bug of a Cinderella’s Coach.

This project wasn’t nearly as difficult as I first thought it would be.  In fact, the most frustrating part (for Alison and me both) was finding a box that would be big enough!  We were looking for months, and I’ll never forget the day Alison texted me from Manchester (we live in the South of England but she travels to Manchester for business pretty regularly) pictures of a huge Flat screen TV box that she was desperately trying to work out how to bring home on a plane that evening (!); or the subsequently photos she sent to me weeks later (I swear this box was just taunting her) when she had to stare at it everytime she went up for meetings…

We searched and searched (and very nearly bought a bicycle box online) until I happened upon a huge box in the ASDA (Walmart to my American peeps) parking lot! Seriously, the looks I received whilst skipping across the lot with a huge (seriously huge) box in one hand whilst wheeling Noah’s pram in the other, were unreal!  I still can’t believe I even fit the box in my car (around Noah’s car seat!)… it literally just fit! As ridiculous as I may have looked though (and seriously, I looked ridiculous with my box, baby and massive grin on my face as I tried to shove this huge box into the backseat of my car) I knew, in that moment, that the craft/party Gods were smiling down on me!


Box next to my car in ASDA car park!


Poor Noah squished next to Box in car!


Box is literally taller than my 123 cm daughter!

Anyways, I won’t go into massive detail about how I made this photobooth, as Stephanie’s post is super helpful and she was so amazing at coming back to me with answers to my questions, but below are photos of my Cinderella Carriage creation and how it came to be!


               Cardboard Cinderella Carriage Photobooth Princess Party


I’ll post photos of the Carriage at the party in a few weeks!


  1. Kathy Ramsey says:

    Just amazing, I love your talents!

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