Decorating with Tulle

I LOVE Tulle!  Truly, I think it’s the prettiest material ever and amazing to decorate with – it makes such a great impact.  You will see A LOT of tulle at this party, not just because I love it, but because it is CHEAP! 

Not only will tulle be used for “bunting,” it will be used for table skirts, favour “bags,” Princess Throne skirts (stay tuned!) and I even intend to make tea length tutu skirts for Alison and myself to wear on the big day!  (Recommence mental chant:  This party is for the girls, this party is for the girls, this party is for the girls…)  

A few of the tulle decorations that I’ve completed to date are as follows:

Tulle Table Skirt:

I’m demonstrating this tulle table cloth on my own dining room table; however, it will be front and centre on the Cake Table (stay tuned!) featuring three (!) gorgeous cakes for each of our Princesses. 

I made this table skirt by measuring out one very long piece of tulle (ribbon or elastic band  would also have worked) – the circumference of the table – and then I measured/cut out (two times the height of the table) long pieces of six inch wide tulle (blue and silver) which were then folded in half and flipped through the loop creating a classic hacking knot.

A brilliant step-by-step example for creating a Table Skirt can be found at Catch My Party, although the author of this post went one step further by gluing on blue fabric “flowers.” 

Tulle Bunting:

The tulle bunting is utilizing, once again, the hacking knot technique to create a similar tutu skirt appearance to be hung on a wall, or in our case, across mirrors in a salon.

I’ve not really touched on this yet, but one of the big surprises for the girls will be a Fairy Godmother experience at a local salon near the hall.  They will be whisked away to Fairy Godmother HQ for some hair, makeup, dresses and glass slippers a few hours before making their appearance at the ball.  As with the ball we are also making decorations for the salon and we’ve made four strings of this tulle bunting to hang across the mirrors and windows.


Tulle Pom Poms:

Finally, (well for this post!), I present my tulle pom poms.  These were quite fun to make, not to mention dead easy, and really give a whimsical feel to the room.  As with the tulle bunting, these pom poms will hang in the windows of the salon as added decoration for the Fairy Godmother HQ. 

To make these pom poms, I simply wrapped the same six inch wide tulle strips around, and around, and around (about twenty/thirty times) various sized books (the smaller books seemed to create the best puffs) before sliding the tulle off the book and then tying a longer piece of tulle (the string to hang it) very tightly around the middle so that it looks like a bow.  Cut through the ends of the “bow” and then fluff up and trim if necessary.

I made various different pom poms in blue and silver.

If you’re confused by my explanation, watch this great video on making your own Tulle Pom Poms.



Stay tuned for more tulle posts in the coming weeks!!!


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