Crocheted Lace Crowns – Unique Party Favours

One of the great and inexpensive party favours (or favors – depending on where you’re from) that we thought would be really brilliant to add to the gift bags were these crocheted lace crowns.

These really became a team effort that both Grace and Ella were able to help out with during an after school “play date.”

For this project, I loosely followed the instructions provided by The Girl Inspired post with a few exceptions.

Because I live in the UK, really good fabric stiffener wasn’t readily available (or at least I couldn’t find it!) at the local grocery store, and so after a fair amount of research, I decided that I’d have to use Modge Podge to stiffen the fabric.  As with my Papier Mache Pumpkins, I loathed spending lots of money for what is nothing more than white PVA glue mixed with water and so, once again, followed the DIY “modge podge” recipe I used previously. 

I bought the crocheted lace on eBay at an approximate cost of £0.99 per meter and cut each crown to a size of 19 inches (based on the circumference of Grace’s head).  I bought two different types of lace, one which was 32mm thick and the other which was 20mm thick.  In hindsight, I wish I’d stuck with the wider lace as I think the thicker crowns look better, but this is my own personal opinion. 

After dipping the crocheted lace into the water/glue solution, and making a really big mess (!), I found that the best technique was to dip a rolling sponge I found in one of Grace’s old craft sets (nearly identical to the one to the left) and rolling it over each side of the lace.  I then pegged each strip of lace to a clothes horse (drying rack) and left them hanging for 24-48 hours or until they were completely dry and stiff. 

Once stiff/dry I painted!


It was a trial and error process with painting and I found that the best paints to use were plain old acrylics – gold and pink – which were best applied with the same rolling sponge (I sat the lace on pieces of wax (baking) paper and then once again left them to dry over night (or until they were completely dry). This is where I let the girls assist and man did they get through all 50 crowns in record time!  Relinquishing control was not easy for me, and in fairness, they did a very good job and it made them feel “involved.”  (Silent chant:  “this party is for them;” this party is for them;” “this party is for them…”)

Once all of the crowns were painted I then brought out my trusty hot glue gun and curled each into a crown/tiara.  A word of warning – the crocheted lace has holes in it and the glue is very hot – so mind your fingers!!!  (I’m fairly certain that I no longer have any nerves left in my own finger tips after all of the recent crafting!)

And the final products are as follows:




  1. Kathy says:

    Lovely! I like the wider ones best, too! What about adding ‘diamonds’ and/or ‘pearls’?

    1. adabblinggirl says:

      I may very well have some rhinestones left over and might add some of these to the crowns – depends on timing though – we still have so much to accomplish before the end of May!!!

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