By Royal Invitation…

Once Upon A Time, in a Kingdom not so far away, there live three beautiful Princesses named Ella, Grace & Imogen. In honour of their birthdays all of the fair ladies and gentlemen of the land are invited to a Royal Ball…

My crazy friend, Alison (who incidentally is actually English), and I are planning a mammoth 6th and 2nd birthday party for our three girls. Our reasoning behind this (or at least what we’re telling our husbands) is that we believe this will be the older girls’ last “princess” birthday party and we want to make it really special.

In reality, we’re both classically living through our children by having the party that we always wanted ourselves and never got – clearly our own parents were horrendously neglectful.

Many of my first few blogs will feature the various crafty decorations (cakes and other party planning madness) we’re preparing for this Cinderella Ball (yes, I said “Ball”) and I’m going to start with the beautiful Cinderella Pumpkin Invitations, which I didn’t actually make – Alison did! That said, I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce our insane idea than to start with these gorgeous invitations, which were handed out this week to the (older) girls’ school friends.

The pumpkins are made from navy blue card, covered in gold glitter paint, and then painstakingly cut out into circles. Each invitation has three circles to create the “pumpkin” (and as we’re inviting over 60 children, you can imagine how many circles were made) and a small piece of gold card cut out to create the “stalk.” The wheels and stars are all made of the same gold card as the stalk, just cut out with Craft Punchers in the desired shape; the centre “window” is made from a wooden heart painted silver. Stars and jewels were added by the girls – the only contribution we’d let them make – what do they think, this party is for them, or something???

Due to the sheer number of invitations Alison was making, she wanted to make things as easy as possible for herself, and utilised large white labels for the “information” side which were printed on her computer and literally stuck onto the back side of each invitation.

One of my personal favourite additions to these invitations was the “wax stamp” on the back of each envelope, which isn’t a real wax stamp at all, but a picture of a wax stamp printed onto a label, cut out, and then stuck on like a sticker. It was dead easy and, I think, really gives the invitation that extra special “royal treatment.”

Because we’ve invited so many people to this party (entirely due to the fact that this is a party for three little girls who have separate friends/family) we’ve decided to set up a special e-mail address to which parents can RSVP in order to keep replies in one place (i.e. not being sent to various e-mail addresses and phones – recipe for disaster!).

A surprising by-product of this idea (genius, Alison!) was that we’re receiving the most outlandish messages from parents which seem to get more and more hilarious by the day!

For Example:

Dear Princess Grace and Princess Ella

Princess Isabelle would be delighted to attend the Royal ball on 26th May 2017 in honour of your sixth birthdays. The footmen will polish her carriage ready to deliver her to the ball in her finest ball gown.

Many thanks,

Her lady in Waiting


Dear those responsible for the organisation of the ball,

Emily is excited to have received your invitation and hereby confirms that she will be delighted to attend the ball in honour of Grace and Ella.

Many thanks,

J (Emily’s mummy)


Hello Princesses Ella, Grace and Imogen

I am very sorry to say that my husband, Prince Pop, will not be able to make the Royal Ball, he will be travelling the kingdom far and wide, listening to Minstrels; but I, Princess Granny, would love to attend.

Love from Princess Granny
Xx xx xx

And by far and away, the most creative…


To the Private Secretary of Her Royal Highness, Princess Grace

Dear Sir or Madam,

On behalf of Her Royal Highness, Princess Jocelyn and His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, of the house Miller, gracefully confirm their intent to attend the royal ball on the twenty-sixth day of May in the year of our lord, twenty seventeen.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Jocelyn, expressed her sheer delight at the prospect of the ball and has already cancelled her planned sleep-over charity raising event with Snow White and her somewhat vertically challenged companions.

His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, has also cancelled his royal Dragon slaying campaign of Northern Hampshire, to attend his most favoured Princess’s ball. He asked that I personally convey his excitement at meeting so many young princesses in one evening and looks forward to wishing Princess Grace, a most wonderful and happy birthday.

Yours Faithfully,

Lord and Lady Miller.


As so, the fun officially begins…


Children’s names (other than my own and Alison’s) have been changed to protect their identities.

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