Will-a-Saurus Dino Cake!

Dinosaur Birthday Cake This dinosaur cake was made for a lovely little boy for his (and his sister’s joint) birthday party! 

Man was I ever proud of my dinosaur, which was affectionately named “Quack” by my 11 month old son, Noah (“quack” is really the only thing he ever says, lol!), and I spent weeks “checking” on Quack and admiring my work!

I ended up making Quack’s head twice in the end… the first time I made it entirely out of sugar paste and then realised after a day that it’s weight would never be supported by bamboo sticks; so I re-worked the head using aluminium foil (tinfoil!) covered in sugar paste.  This worked out brilliantly and was secure enough to model my sugar paste around, but wasn’t heavy!  

The neck is, again, aluminium foil covered in sugar paste all wrapped around a very large bamboo stick as is the body section of Quack and the tail.  

The leaves were all individually cut out with added details whilst the long grass pieces were cutout with an xacto knife.  I used a combination of green colours:  moss green, khaki green and leaf green.  The name was simply rolled out and positioned to spell out “Will.”  Although the dinosaur was by far and away my favourite part of making this cake, I really enjoyed creating the wooden sign as well, which was created by following the directions by Krazy Kool Cakes.


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