Rainbow & Unicorn Cake

This Unicorn Rainbow Cake was made for an awesome friend of my daughter’s who had a joint birthday Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Cakeparty with her brother (see Dinosaur Cake) and I was asked to create both cakes!  

There are several reasons I love this cake, aside from the fact that it looked brilliant when it was finished (!), but it was also the first cake I ever made where my fondant was absolutely perfect – not a single rip, stretch mark or nick anywhere!  I attribute this, not just to my awesome cake making skills (lol), but to a fondant I finally found that is really great to work with Sattina Sugar Paste exclusive (I believe) to  the Cake Craft Shop online.  It’s very sturdy and actually not that expensive (!), so am super happy it’s now in my life! 

The other reasons I loved making this cake was because it gave me a chance to try something new with my rainbow and unicorn, both of which were made by following along with YouTube videos, and it’s probably the only cake I’ve made, so far, that I’ve been able to let my daughter Grace help with – she cut out ALL of the stars!  

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