Paw Patrol Birthday Cake – trickiest “client” yet!

This weekend I created a Paw Patrol tower birthday cake for my friend’s little boy, Evan, a four-year-old who knew EXACTLY what he wanted!  I’ve never had a “client” so involved in the design process, and I’ve never created a cake for a kid I felt certain was going to be disappointed with the end result!  

Bless him, his ideas for this cake (although awesome) might have been possible if I had a magic wand, but pups rappelling off of the tower and sliding down the “slide” proved that I wasn’t an all powerful cake goddess!  I have it on good authority, however, that his reaction to the cake came in the form of a smile and a “wow” so it was all worth it in the end; to be honest, I was just glad he didn’t cry! 

The tower was moulded out of polystyrene packing peanuts (to bulk it out) covered first in aluminium foil and then covered in sugar paste. There are three large wooden bamboo sticks providing additional support to the tower and also attaching it to the cake below. 

I made the larger pups, Marshall and Rubble, by following along with YouTube videos and the badge was made by cutting out fondant with an xacto knife following a template that I found online.  Originally I’d intended to create four pups along the cake board, but each of my pups, despite my best efforts, ended up larger than I’d intended, so I stuck with two large pups and then added three pup heads (Zuma, Rocky and Chase) “looking out” from the tower, in order to comply with Evan’s instructions! 

It was good fun to create, however, and as I said, Evan liked it (I think!)! 


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