Joan Miró Cake: “The Garden”

Joan Miro Cake, The Garden
My friend Alison is quirky; no two ways around it. So when I asked her who her favourite artist was, with the intention of modeling her birthday cake after their work, I shouldn’t have been surprised she would respond with the surrealist, Joan Miró. Miró’s work is weird and most of it is pretty bland (in terms of colours) although rich in strange “alien looking” (my daughter’s interpretation) creatures. So, after researching Miro’s artwork I settled on designing my cake around “The Garden” due entirely to the use of bright colours.
"The Garden" by Joan Miro 1925
“The Garden” by Joan Miro 1925

This cake was my Everest. I don’t know why so many things went wrong, exactly, but this cake resulted in tears and all sorts before it was finished and presented as a surprise for my friend, Alison. As my birthday present, I’ve decided to ask my family to send me on a basic cake covering course as I’m still struggling, every time, with simply covering my cakes in fondant – I then spend hours trying to fix my cakes with “gunge” and attempting to design them around large marks/cracks/tears. This cake took three attempts to cover it and it was still a mess under the decorations; hence the tears.

Regardless, here are pictures of my cake:


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