Royal Cinderella Ball: Party Treats

All of the sweet treats at the Royal Ball were also homemade and here are a few additional photos of what was on offer and how they were made.

Glass Slipper Cookies:

The Glass Slipper cookies were a combination of sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies.  I found a recipe for the sugar cookies online, but after reading through the reviews, I modified them as follows:

  • I added an additional 1 cup of granulated sugar;
  • I added 1 tbsp of vanilla extract instead of 1 tsp;
  • I refrigerated the dough overnight and then when I was ready to roll out cookies I only dug out what I needed for each set (dozen) cookies and left the remaining dough in the fridge;
  • I rolled the dough out onto parchment paper, cut out my shapes (high heeled shoe) and removed the dough around each cookie;
  • As I didn’t intend to bake the cookies until the week of the party, each of the dozen cookies were wrapped in cling film and frozen;
  • When I finally came to bake the cookies, I pulled out each sheet of parchment paper containing a dozen “shoe” cookies and baked them from frozen.

By making the above alterations, I not only ended up with fantastic sugar cookies, (honestly some of the best I’ve ever had), but I avoided the issues that others had when rolling out the dough. 

I’d never flood iced cookies before and I read several different articles and found this one particularly useful.

And here are the cookies ready for the party!



Royal Rice Krispy Treats:

These are just your bog standard (still super yummy!) Rice Krispy Treats

Initially I intended to dip them in white chocolate and then swirl them with blue icing (Royal Icing left over from the sugar cookies) but I quickly ran out of white chocolate and given all of the other treats I knew we were having I didn’t think it was worth going out to buy more sugary stuff! 

In the end, I was really happy with how they turned out with just the swirly blue icing across the top. 

Even better than the blue swirly rice krispy treats, were the dark chocolate ganache rice krispy treats my friend, Elle, and I stumbled upon! I mean, seriously, these things are better than sex, and if you want to make them, here are the super easy instructions:

♦  Start with your Rice Krispy Treats (recipe above);

♦  Make up a batch of dark chocolate ganache;

♦  and then just  dip them in ganache and refrigerate until chocolate sets.

♦ Enjoy!!!  Seriously, though, they are incredibly addicting – you’ve been warned!


Cinderella Cupcakes:

Ok, so I cheated a bit… I bought the cupcakes (un-iced) from the store and swirled blue buttercream on them, but boy did they taste nice!  The buttercream icing was a “crusting” icing that I found on this amazing woman’s website, Rose Bakes, who does awesome cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  If you’ve not seen her website, check it out, as it’s generally the first place I go when I’m looking to try something new!

My other friend, Mia (in the last two days before the party we were on a serious mission and called in all kinds of reinforcements!), then topped each cupcake with sugar pearls.

And finally, we have lots and lots of sweet treats for the party…




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