Birthday Cake: Daisies daisies everywhere!

The most recent cake I designed was for my friend, Becky… and seriously, I think my husband thinks I have a problem!  I am literally making cakes for every birthday that every friend (and friend’s child) is having!  I suppose some people have drug and alcohol addictions, some people are addicted to exercise (God, I wish that was my problem!), but I am addicted to designing cakes!  So this time I created a cake covered in yellow fondant and topped with beautiful daisies!

Here is my Daisy Cake and below is a semi step-by-step guide to how I made it.

What’s inside:

This is a chocolate cake (recipe) with chocolate buttercream frosting (recipe).  I still had a lot of yellow marshmallow fondant left over from Grace’s Belle Birthday Cake, which I used to cover the entire cake and cake board.  In all honesty, I wasn’t pleased with the MMF I made and won’t attempt it again in the future.  It was very difficult to work with and left behind no end of imperfections as you can see from the pictures below.


I added a LOT of daisies to this cake, primarily to cover up the poor fondant job, but also because I wanted to give the illusion of a field of daisies. 

The daisies were made using a small and medium daisy flower icing cutter. I then cupped each flower in the palm of my hand and used a bone modelling tool to give each flower shape.  To help the daisies keep their shape I left them to dry in an empty egg carton (and also on my sponge board). 

The yellow centers of each flower were made by cutting pieces of (darker) yellow gum paste out with a round icing tip nozzle. I then dipped each yellow circle into edible glue and pressed them gently into the centre of the hardened white daisies.  Needless to say it was a slow process, but very satisfying to see all of my completed daisies at the end of the night.

And finally, I had a finished cake for my friend’s birthday weekend!

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